Lumphaya Floating Market.

Lumphaya Floating Market is located along the banks of the Nakhon Chai Si ( Tha Chin River ) is not too far from Bangkok takes about 30-40 minutes to the trip . A tourist destination for those who appreciate the natural beauty along the waterfront. Hundreds of thousands of species , including fish swims waiting for the soil to experience. Throughout the course when you get to the district, Len . You can see the lifestyle of the people living in this area as well . From both sides of the street are lined plantation fields alternately. Indicative of the way the lives of people in this Andere . Most of whom are professional farming planting vegetables . When traveling to smaller impression from the first step and feel the atmosphere of the large trees that provide shade , there are smiles of the people who passed by and the friendly atmosphere of a bustling trade . many woman are located along the river and in the river embankment Male corridor along the river in front of Wat Lam Phraya.

Wat Lam Phaya temple is a community for. Luang Por Mongkol Buddha Mala has a vision. Enshrined since the year 2400, so before going to market. It should be to worship bless you for the auspicious occasion before. On worship Walking the already Our next destination was the serpent, which went to another Lumphaya Floating Market not far away.

It offers a variety of vessels , whether as a traditional canoe ride from Wat Lam Phraya to watch the two banks of the Tha Chin River . I worship and Shrine District court , which is the sacred serpent . Or Drag Boat From Wat Lam Phraya Ram temple Sukwattana it. But if you have enough time for two hours . Take a boat ride from page canopy Wat Lam Phaya Wat Bang Phra . ( Wat Luang Phor Pern ) , it makes sense that someone who wanted to buy it. The relaxation in a natural setting . It offers a fully equipped . 

Travel to the  Lumphaya Floating Market.

The line Pinklao - Nakhon Chai Si. Drive past University Turn left over the previous Salaya. At the police station, Buddhist, turn right. Go straight for about 24 km to the Wat Lam Phaya. 

Take the Bangkok - Bangkok comes into the market. Jump the Line - Bangkok serpent. Come off at Wat Lam Phaya it.

Lumphaya Floating Market information.

For more information, call the Cultural Council Lam Phaya Tel. 034-391-626 or 034-391-985 Wat Lam Phaya call.